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                                       Create professional invoices at the time of sale
                                       Accommodate many differnt payment methods
                                       (Credit Cards / Cash / Check / On Account, etc.)
                                       Easily handles layaways and estimates
                                       Margin manager guarantees your profits automatically
                                       Displays current and past due amounts at time of sale
                                       Accurately calculates sales tax for your city / county / sate
                                       Integrated with General Ledger and Accounts Receivable
                                       Handles non-stock and special order situations
                                       Enters a record into service history for serialized sales

                                       Complete service history for each customer
                                       Create professional service tickets quickly
                                       Accurately track your service techs and their productivity
                                       Easily schedule and dispatch your service calls
                                       Automatically print the NARDA/NESDA forms for both Appliances and Electronics
                                       Track CFC recovery to comply with federal laws
                                       Easily update the status of each call
                                       Easily handles apartment & multiple housing service calls

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                                       Produce professional statements
                                       Know where your advertising dollars are best spent
                                       Sales analysis with sorting by profit center, make or product type
                                       Monthly sales tax reports
                                       Track your sales
                                       Produce a report what items you should stock
                                       Simple End of Day reporting package (Invoice Register, Daily Deposits, etc.)
                                       Complete General Ledger reporting down to detail level
                                       Create mailing labels
                                       Detailed and summary aged analysis

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                                       Track appliance, electronics, furniture, hardware, parts...
                                       Multiple inventory locations
                                       Serialized and Furniture Inventory integrated into our Floor Planning module
                                       Categorized inventory by product type
                                       Easily create Purchase Orders
                                       Easily retrieve orders placed with parts distributors
                                       Track backorders

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                                       Point-of-Sale is totally integrated with General Ledger
                                       Profit and Loss statements are easily generated
                                       General Ledger can track inventory by SKU
                                       Track general ledger by departments
                                       Print Past Due notices quickly
                                       Generate statements in an hour not days
                                       Quickly produce Balance Sheet and Trial Balance

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