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                     Maytag Home Appliance Centers           Maytag Appliance Corporation
                      Maytag Authorized Servicers           GE Appliances
                      GE Authorized Servicers           Brand Source
                      Whirlpool Authorized Servicers           Nation's Brand Direct
                      Frigidaire Authorized Servicers           Mr. Appliance
                      ServiceBench.com           Mr. Rooter
                      Key Prestige           Mr. Electric


  Mr. Rooter

  For more information about our affiliation with Mr. Rooter®, please contact our sales team at 800-794-3854.

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  Brand Source (AVB)

  There are more than three hundred (300) Brand Source dealers using SwiftLink® to help them run their businesses.
  Please call our sales team at 800-794-3854 (800-SwiftLink), and let them tell you why you should be using SwiftLink®
  in your store!

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  Mr. Appliance

  For more information about our affiliation with Mr. Appliance®, please contact our sales team at 800-794-3854.

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  Maytag Retailers & Authorized Servicers

  Maytag has teamed up with SwiftLink® to provide Maytag Home Appliance Centers and Maytag Authorized Servicers the
  best-automated business solution in the industry!  SwiftLink® is a totally integrated package for an appliance sales / service
  business, and of course you can transmit your warranty claims to Maytag with SwiftLink® .  SwiftLink® offers Maytag
  Home Appliance Centers a Point-of-Sale solution like none other in the industry.  We understand that since you operate a
  Maytag Home Appliance Center, you demand a cost effective and practical tool to run your business.

  SwiftLink® has been customized to meet the special needs of a Maytag Home Appliance Center.   Tightly integrating
  information within our software has allowed many Maytag Home Appliance Centers to increase their profits and run their
  businesses more efficiently.  Operating an Appliance Retail & Service store can be very profitable when the right tools are in
  place.  SwiftLink® will give you a better handle on your assets, and as you know, you must manage your inventory well!  The
  right models need to be on the floor as well as in your inventory.  Our "Margin Manager" allows margins to be protected and
  lets you sell with confidence, and when Maytag releases new models of has price changes, we at SwiftLink® will send those
  changes to you!  The Maytag Model / Price Update will be a tremendous time-saver for you.  With SwiftLink® you create an
  environment where you are working ON your business not IN your business.

  For Maytag HAC's, SwiftLink® currently provides the following:                
  • Pre-loaded Maytag, Magic Chef, and Jenn Air models
  • Standardized General Ledger Chart of Accounts
  • Standardized Sales Department Codes
  • Standardized Product Types
  • Standardized Model Descriptions
  • Electronic Transmission of Warranty Claims to Maytag
  With SwiftLink®, you will accumulate historical information that is important in the aggressive & profitable running of a
  business!  You can now take action and control your marketplace with authority.  Want to sell to your customers and run
  your business in a forward fashion rather than a reactive one?  Computerize Now!

  The SwiftLink and Maytag teams have made this easier than ever before...Don't wait to get started!

  If you are a Maytag Authorized Servicer, SwiftLink is the best solution available to you.  There is no better product available
  for you to transmit your Maytag warranty claims electronically.

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  Mr. Electric

  For more information about our affiliation with Mr. Electric®, please contact our sales team at 800-794-3854.

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  ServiceBench (N.E.W.)

  ServiceBench, founded in 1995, is the leading developer of modular Web-based service supply chain management applications
  for manufacturers, parts distributors, extended warranty providers, and servicers.  Built on its lineage as a developer of Internet
  business-to-business e-commerce and extranet systems, ServiceBench has focused exclusively on supporting companies with
  significant commitments to post-sales service.  As a result, Fortune 500 corporations and other companies have recognized
  ServiceBench by selecting the firm as their service supply chain infrastructure partner.  ServiceBench clients include Whirlpool,
  Frigidaire, Poulan, Mitsubishi, and other well-known corporations in the home appliance, outdoor equipment, home electronics,
  HVAC, computers, and other industries.  The ServiceBench mission is to completely transform the business of providing
  post-sales service - from a tedious and costly necessity to a smoothly running, customer-focused process that generates a
  measurable financial return and genuine strategic value.

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  Nation's Brand Direct

  National Brand Direct (formerly Key America) is one of the largest buying groups in the country with 1500 members and over
  $1.5 billion dollars in purchases.

  SwiftLink® is the approved solution for the National Brand Direct stores.  As a retail store you must have a Point-of-Sale system
  and possibly a Service Dispatching system to operate your business.  SwiftLink® can handle both of these tasks with ease and
  accuracy.  Our software can run in any size business from 1 computer to stores needing multiple locations and many stations.

  SwiftLink's tightly integrated accounting system and inventory solution allows your store to stay on top of the heavy inventory
  investments that are needed in this business.  A customer database that allows aggressive marketing campaigns with computer
  generated labels, Customer statements and salesman productivity are ever so important in your operation.

  The need to properly motivate your sales team and store employees is extremely important in maximizing your profits and
  maintaining employee morale.  SwiftLink® has specific functions to make this job automatic and flexible.

  If your store is not automated or you are looking for the right solution - Don't wait! SwiftLink® is what you need today and is
  what you must have for tomorrow.

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