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                                  SwiftLink® has a Customized Solution for your Business!  

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    Appliance Sales & Service

  Our software has been custom designed to fit the needs of both Retail and Service companies.  SwiftLink® provides
  Point-of-Sale, a completely integrated Accounting system containing General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts
  Receivable, along with the industry's best Service Partner solution.

  We understand the appliance business and the unique demands that are placed on its owners and employees.  A business
  that is model and serial number intensive requires a solution that understands these special needs and addresses them in
  an efficient and cost effective way.  SwiftLink® is head and shoulders above any other software product available on the
  market today.

  Our software is operating in businesses ranging from a single 'standalone' computer to 15+ workstation networks and beyond.

  We make it easy to get started with features like:

  • Point-of-Sale
  • Tightly integrate into our Service Partner module, Inventory, and General Ledger
  • Easily handle serialized inventory as well as regular inventory
  • Track your sales by advertising code and zip code

   Service Partner - If your company does service - SwiftLink® is your answer!
  • Handles warranty billing for both vendor and distributor
  • Automatically interfaces to NARDA and NESDA
  • Track your technician's productivity
  • Analyze your average dollars per invoice and per technician

  SwiftLink® easily installs on your computer and we can have you up and running in no time - We promise!
  We offer both On-Site  and Tele-training  to make your installation successful.  You can even peruse through our
  website and pick up useful information that will help you lear more and more about SwiftLink®.

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  Heating, Ventilation, & A/C

  We understand that the HVAC business is very competitive and you need the right business tools to stay
  successful.  SwiftLink's Service Partner Solution  is just what you need.

  Just take a look at what we have to offer:
  • Accurately track your service technicians schedules and their productivity
  • Easily schedule and dispatch your service calls
  • Easily update the status of each call
  • Track CFC recovery to comply with federal laws
  • Track the service history for each of your customers
  • Efficiently manages apartment & multiple housing service calls
  • Creates professional service tickets quickly

  Inventory is also mananged through SwiftLink®.  Multiple service trucks and their inventory are easily managed along
  with the daily replenishing that it takes to operate your HVAC service &/or sales business.

  SwiftLink® easily installs on your computer.  We will have you up and running in no time!  We offer both On-site and
  Telephone based training to make your installation and implementation of SwiftLink® successful.

  Still have questions?  Please give one of our salesmen a call at 800-794-3854 and they will answer any questions you
  may have, or you can email us (just use the Contact link, below).

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  Electronics Sales & Service

  SwiftLink® wil allow your service store to easily handle the nuances of the electronics business:
  • Estimates
  • Layaways / Future Orders
  • Extended Warranty Contracts
  • Parts

  SwiftLink® will help your store manage the many parts you work with along with the details of running an electronics
  business.  SwiftLink® can help you make the profits you deserve.

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  Electronic Warranty

  How much time have you spent sorting through mounds of warranty claims just to get them ready to be sent to the
  Manufacturer?  Would you like to eliminate this hassle?  Currently, with SwiftLink®, you can transmit warranty claims
  electronically to ServiceBench, ServicePower (Key Prestige), and WTI.   You can also transmit extended warranty
  contracts to Maytag, WACA, and Crown.

  Not only are you reducing the time it takes to send the claims, but the complete cycle time is faster.  Once the claims
  are sent electronically, they are received by the manufacturer to be processed.  As you know, you usually have to wait
  several days just for them to receive your paperwork.

  When you use SwiftLink® to schedule, dispatch and process service calls that are warranty related, electronic filing is
  merely a by-product.  Electronic Warranty is just one of the many time saving features SwiftLink has to offer you to
  make your company more profitable.

  If there are any questions about electronic warranty please call one of our salespeople at 800-794-3854, or email us.

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  Hardware Stores

  SwiftLink® software is currently installed in many hardware stores allowing them to manage their Inventory, handle
  Point-of-Sale needs quickly and reliably, and provide Profit & loss statements.  All this, and much more, at a dollar
  investment so low it is unprecedented in the industry.

  Many customers have been hesitant to computerize their store because of poor software and the extreme cost involved
  in doing so!  Worry no more!  When SwiftLink® entered the market that all changed.  While we understand the rigorous
  demands of a retail environment, we fully appreciate the need to NOT put the store out of business while you are
  trying to keep it in business.

  Our success in hardware stores has been unparalleled.  Whether your store is just hardware or hardware - feed - parts -
  tractors - tires - etc, SwiftLink's flexible design allows you to manage these combinations with ease!

  Need a Point-of-Sale system with UPC bar-code capability and a receipt printer, all interfaced to a cash drawer?  Need
  to handle units of measure from lbs. to ft. easily?  No problem for SwiftLink!

  A complete accounting system keeps you up-to-date on your profits and the areas that may need a little more attention.
  The interface is natural and accurate with no complicated "month-end" procedures of fiscal year end problems to deal with.

  Many of you are under pressure to get on top of your inventory.  Don't buy seasonal, sell what you have too much, and order
  what you are selling!  Turning your inventory and managing your business is what it is all about.  It's not easy as it used to be
  so it only makes sense to take advantage of technology.

  SwiftLink® will be the best employee you have ever hired!

  Get started today working ON your business, not IN your business.

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  Plumbing & Electrical

  SwiftLink® has made a number of special enhancements to the software so that our product will work especially well in
  the plumbing and electrical contractor arena.

  If your company is more service oriented then our Service Partner easily tackles the job, from Dispatching to Inventory,
  you're in business and your success is in very capable hands.  And if you are more sales oriented then our Point-of-Sale
  is module is for you.  SwiftLink's serialized inventory readily supports the plumbing and electrical inventory needs.

  Multiple service trucks and the inventory they carry are easily managed with Swiftlink®.  Daily replenishing is also easily
  managed.  On-Demand dispatching as well as batch is accommodated with the user friendly screens of SwiftLink®.

  Training is provided either by On-Site or Tele-training (recommended).

  Don't wait any longer - SwiftLink® can make your company more profitable and valuable.

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  ...and More

  Appliance stores, electronic stores, furniture stores, cigar retailers, wine and liquor stores, pet stores, vacuum repair shops
  (and even cosmetics!) virtually any business that deals with any type of inventory has a practical use for SwiftLink®.

  Our software is operating in businesses ranging from a single 'standalone' computer to 15+ workstation networks and beyond.
  Multiple locations?  No problem, just contact us first for some specific information at 800-794-3854.

  Running a business is not easy, but you can make it easier with automation.  SwiftLink® is the best product on the market.

  Training is provided in two options: On-Site or Tele-based training (recommended).  We also have technical support just a
  phone call away to assist you through any problems that you might encounter.  You can even utilize the loads of information
  on this website to learn more and more about SwiftLink®.

  Don't wait any longer - let SwiftLlink® increase your company's profits today!

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